A few years ago, in the depths of the 3rd lockdown I decided to save my mental health by getting out of the house and running every morning

Once everything opened back up, I stopped because life became complicated again

But back in January of this year, even without a lockdown hanging over us, I started doing the same again (I play football on Mondays, so I count that as that day’s run)

By late february I had hit 40 runs in a row.

But then something that could disrupt it was on the horizon. On 22nd Feb I was flying out to Thailand for a friend’s wedding.

It was going to be 30-35 degrees all day every day when we landed. I don’t cope well in those kinds of heats

But I was committed to the cause. On the day of the flight out I woke up extra early so I could do my run for that day. By the time we’d made it to Chian Mai at the end of the next day I went out for my first very sweaty run. The streak was still on!

I did it again the next day, just up and down this very boring dirt track (because I didn’t dare run on a Thai road with no path).

After the wedding we moved somewhere else in Chiang Mai. Someone else in the group went out for a run before I woke up the next day. He was chased by stray dogs!

So then and there I decided risking my health wasn’t worth it. The run ended on 46 consecutive runs. Not bad.

I then got to mostly relax for the rest of the holiday, and I needed it

But once I got back I decided it was time to start all over again.

Now I’m up to 76 runs in a row (including football) and that’s a sum of 121 runs so far this year.

The aim is to keep it going, but focus less on the big continuous streak. Instead, just on the number of runs I can do in the year and if I’m ever feeling slightly injured, I can take a rest without feeling guilty