I’m not quite sure why, but a week ago I decided to start running every day without fail, having only run once in the past 3 months ¯\(ツ)/¯. Spoiler alert, so far so great.

I was more than a bit nervous about this as I’ve suffered from a chronic knee injury in the past 18 months. While it wasn’t enough to stop me running it did make climbing stairs and walking painful for a few days after.

Not only have I been able to stick with it, I’m not noticing as much pain as I did in the past and I can feel myself feeling fitter and less prone to injury. I’d put it down to focusing on the distance and not worrying about how fast I’m going. I’m also listening to some audiobooks while I’m out, so it’s doubly time well spent!

It’s not just a desire to get fit that’s motivating me, it’s a great way of getting me outside of the 200m radius between my house and the nearest shop, which has become the scope of my world as the various lockdowns have taken effect. I didn’t realise it at the time, but that limited view of the world was making me feel a bit down. Wake up, work, watch TV, play a game, sleep, repeat. Ok on the odd day, but not great when it’s your whole existence.

Anyway, my initial aim is to keep this up until at least the end of the current UK national lockdown (probably end of February?) but I hope it’s a habit that I keep going with it for a while!