Since the change of approach last month worked so well, I went into late september and early October with a plan to release 2 short videos on the Aztecs

But first, the first French Revolution video ended up being my best performing video so far with over 300 views

Back to the Aztecs. First I released Why You Can’t Trust Aztec History which started off very slowly and ended up overtaking The First French Revolution video for views (around 1,600). It also got me a few extra subscribers too!

Next up, this week I released How Did Hundreds of Spaniards Beat Millions of Aztecs?. Usually I wouldn’t report on how a video’s doing so early. But it’s gone on to be my most viewed video or short. Easily. It has 3,500+ views and it seems to be steadily gaining more.

Overall subscribers have really started to take off this month with a steady stream of people and there have been some really nice comments saying the content was like something from a bigger channel. So hopefully it becomes a bigger channel sooner or later

Bye for now