It’s been a while…

So a quick catchup.

I released parts 2 and 3 of the Genghis Khan trilogy ;). There was Genghis Khan Died. What Happened Next? which is still my best performing video with over 1,200 views. We also had Why Columbus Couldn’t Find The Mongol Empire which wrapped everything up nicely.

It then took me a looooong time to release the next one. It was going to be on how France has had more than 1 revolution. I researched thoroughly, wrote a great script, recorded, edited and it came in at a whopping 24 minutes (consider, dear reader, nothing had been longer than 13 minutes!). So just at the point of wanting to hit publish I had a change of heart.

I spent a long night re-writing it into 2 smaller scripts. I also took the drastic step of deciding I wasn’t going to appear on camera so much to see if that made everything easier (it did).

I published the first 1 just days after deciding to make it (it helped I had loads of research and resources ready from the first one). It was Was The Reign Of Terror Inevitable? - The French Revolution. It did pretty well after a slowish start and has around 900 views at the moment.

The 2nd one was published just days ago, but it was a great moment. The first time I had committed to and published 2 videos in a month. It was also on the French Revolution, How Many French Revolutions Have There Been?. So far so good, views of ~250 and more comments, likes and subscribers from it than usual, so I guess the new strat is working.

After doing 2 on the French revolution I’m done with it (at least for a while).

From now on I’m going to try and stick to the 2 shorter videos per month. Ideally they’ll both be on a theme. Either one time period, one person, one country etc.

See you soon :)