Since my last update I’ve released 2 shorts and a longer video and they’ve all done really well in terms of quality of the videos and views

First there was my longest video yet Was Genghis Khan a Monster? this performed about the same level as my last long video with around 400 views

I also scheduled a couple of shorts about Genghis Khan for the couple of weeks after that video released. What Was Genghis Khan’s religion? got over 900 views and The ONLY Building Genghis Khan Entered blew it out of the water with 1.8k views in the first hour (it sadly slowed down after that). But either way, I’m not really judging the success by views. Each video is a little bit better than the previous, and I’m still enjoying it

Up next, 2 more Genghis Khan related videos. Focusing on the Mongol Empire and how it ended. After that, I should be done with Genghis for a while :)