Since my last update I have released 2 main videos and a short.

The 2 videos were finishing off my series of videos on Genghis Khan and the Mongols.

The first was Genghis Khan Died. What Happened Next? and so far it’s the best performing longer video with over 900 views (nothing had more than 500 views previously).

The second was Why Columbus Couldn’t Find The Mongol Empire/The End of the Mongol Empire. This has also done well with over 600 views in just over a week. I think I’ll change the title and thumbnail at some point to make it explicitly about the end of the empire (I’m guessing not many know that Columbus was even looking for the Mongol empire)

Before both of those I also released a short called England = YOEGR in Welsh!? Where Did The It Come From?. It flopped with 42 views. Oh well, I suppose it’s not similar enough to my other content so YouTube didn’t push it much.

This was the first time I recorded multiple videos (the 2 videos and the short on the same day with some cheeky outfit changes to hide it) at once and I think it helped to make the overall process more efficient. I’ll try it again

The next one is under way and that will have something to do with the French Revolution.