Since my last update I’ve had my biggest flop and my biggest success

But before either of those, the second Aztec video has gone on to have more than 7,000 views

Next up I released Why Should We Remember The 5th of November? which did pretty well with 2,600 views. It was my first attempt at a topical video (in time for Guy Fawkes Night)

And now, the flop that was When, Where and How Did The Roman Empire End?. Really the idea wasn’t great and so it wasn’t worth the effort I put into it. But it was a good learning opportunity. It’s also the first video I edited myself for a while

So the flop meant I was determined to put a bit more effort into going for the right idea next time. I’d been researching WWI a lot and eventually settled on Why We Should Blame Britain For WWI. Dear reader, it was an even bigger flop. After 7 days it was the worst performing of my previous 10 videos. Out of desperation I changed the title to “The Country No One Blames For WWI But They Probably Should - Britain” and not only did it improve, it has become easily the best performing video with 46,000 views so far!

While that was busy flopping in the first week I worked on a video that was a leftover idea from my WWI research. I quickly wrote a script, recorded, started editing and pretty much had it ready in a week. Which is a record. I hit publish as I landed in Bangkok :). It’s called Germany was winning WWI, how did it suddenly lose? and has done pretty well too, but I think I’m done with WWI for a while

With the success of the last 2 videos I’m now (just) over 1,000 subscribers and close to being monetised.

The next video is on it’s way

Until next time