2023 was an interesting year, but looking back I did a lot of fun stuff, caught up with friends and enjoyed life

  1. Launching a YouTube channel (finally)
  2. The trips I took
    • The Lakes with Viv
    • Como (again) with Red, Jess, Emily, Ash and Hector
    • Madrid 😍
      • Seeing Sara again after 6 years
      • Seeing Oli & Polly in Valencia
  3. We actually went to some gigs
    • Carly Rae Jepsen
    • Caroline Polachek
  4. The food I ate
    • Beckford Canteen
      • Whipped butter and confit potatoes. Say no more
  5. Books I read
    • Really Good Actually (laughed and cried a lot)
    • Middlemarch
    • Gay Bar: Why We Went Out
    • Call Me By Your Name (cried a lot)
    • Giovanni’s Room
    • Forty Rules of Love
    • Acts of Service
  6. Stuff I watched on TV
    • Lying Lives of Adults
    • Kingdom: Exodus
    • Andor (easily the best Star Wars thing)
    • His Dark Materials
    • Our Flag Means Death
    • Silo
    • Succession
    • Somebody Somewhere
    • Beef
    • The Bear
    • The White Lotus
    • Raised By Wolves
    • Painkiller
    • Derry Girls (finally watched it!)
  7. The films I watched Games I played
    • Xenoblade Chronicles (need to finish it…, but vg)
  8. Music I listened to
    • Carly
    • Caroline
    • Christine
    • Gorillaz
  9. Promoted at Titanbay
  10. The month of intense walking I did as part of a competition at work (I won)
  11. Stayed consistent with going to the Gym with Alex