My return to blogging is inspired by Austin Kleon’s 100 things that made my year (2020) and mine is mostly a list of what I consumed in 2020. Here’s to having more random stuff in 2021!

  1. Listened to some good albums
  2. Watched some films
  3. Read way more books (50) than I thought I would (24), thanks for something Covid!, some highlights include:
  4. Read some interesting articles
  5. My wonderful desk chair
  6. Moving house
  7. Having family come to stay
  8. Baking cinnamon things
  9. Road trip, lots of walks
    • Peak District
    • Yorkshire Dales
  10. More Spanish learning, ¿Cómo estaís?
  11. Socially distanced walks with friends (Tom, Viv, Jen, Cass, Red, Jess)
  12. New job - Switched from full stack to backend engineer
  13. Trying a top knot, still not sure on it
  14. Discovering stitcher php centric blog
  15. Pickup Limes Vegan Recipe YouTube channel
  16. Losing my sense of smell and taste for a while, not great but was certainly interesting to experience
  17. Watched a lot of good TV
    • I May Destroy You
    • Watchmen
    • Normal People
    • Devs
    • BoJack (Ended)
    • The Good Place (Ended)
    • Shitt’s Creek (Ended)
    • Lovecraft Country
    • Mrs America
    • The Queen’s Gambit
    • The Last Dance
    • The New Pope
    • Nora From Queens
  18. Finally shipping a side project, don’t judge it too harshly, I’d call it pre-alpha at this stage
  19. Stayed sane, no small feat
  20. Started watching more football again
  21. Football chats with Viv Hall, she’s the best
  22. Probably drank less alcohol than normal