I often get asked what I’d recommend people do in Bath, given I’ve lived here for over 13 years.

But Bath is an odd one. The typical things are quite nice, so I do usually recommend them, here’s the typical stuff:

  • The Crescent
  • The Circus
  • The Roman Baths (Purely a museum)
  • Several spas
    • Thermae Spa
    • Mcdonald Spa Hotel
  • Pultney Bridge and street
  • Queen Square

There are some really nice canal walks to places like Bathampton, which is a small village just outside of Bath, that has a couple of pubs in it if you want a break before heading back

Alexandra Park is a high spot to see most of Bath from, but bit of a hike to get there

Widcome is a nice mini-area that’s still fairly central and has some nice pubs and cafes

Theatre Royal is pretty good if you like theatre. Ustinov has the more serious stuff and The Egg has stuff for kids

Depending on what kind of food you like there’s some really nice places. Some favourites

  • Pintxo - Tapas, reasonable price
  • Beckford canteen - All sorts, pricey
  • Walcott House - nice food, mid price
  • Bosco - Pizza/pasta - mid price

Some brunchy places

  • Walcott House - again
  • Boston Tea Party, Alfred Street - try the fancy double sausage McMuffin
  • Taylor’s Bagels - Takeaway only, but worth it

Some bars/pubs worth going to

  • The Grapes - Good vibe, often live music on weekends
  • Juno - Younger crowd than most places, but a nice vibe and does food too (pizzas)
  • Town + House - Bit more chill
  • Pig and fiddle - has a garden and nice inside too